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Beschreibung: Media, Broadcasting and Journalism (MBJ global) Special Role is in clarifying contents and consequences of decisions and actions, indicating on deficits, mediating opinions as well as making RISK actors / stakeholders cognizant of contexts, nuances, history and (local) cultures as well as of fundamental cultural values.

Our specific objectives are to support stakeholders in the phases of disaster response in accordance with terms of reference of the UNDRR Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism SEM and the objectives of the UN World Summit for the Information Society WSIS.

MBJ-global also acts in support of disaster survivors, workers and volunteers to report critical gaps in disaster prevention, response, relief, and recovery services or planning.

MBJ-global has a very important role in avoiding reductive, one-dimensional representation of stakeholders/society in RISK situations.

All UN instruments as well as national and multi-national agreements and regulations address all phases of RISK situation: preparedness, first-aid, post-disaster and more.
Special attention if given to those aspects that broadly enlarged the overall scope of the UN SENDAI Framework (2015-2030) in conjunction with adjacent UN Instruments (transnational/global Declarations, Conventions, Treaties, Frameworks and Directives.

MBJ-global is a volunteer and non-profit platform and community.
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